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About BFG & SUN

My name is Marty and I'm a Big Friendly Gardener.


BFG & Sun is proudly an inclusive employer.
In the team we have Helen who is a Senior Horticulturist and our Garden Mentor;
Patrick is our Lawnmowing Fella; Caitlin (is almost a qualified horticulturist),
Freda, Maisie, Brian and Emmi are our Gardeners; Declan, John, Mitchell and
Justin are our Junior Gardeners. We are usually gardening in the sun but happy to
be outdoors with nature no matter the weather.

My team and I are fully insured and we focus on organic gardening, domestic
garden projects &ongoing garden maintenance including:

  • garden mentoring

  • holistic garden design

  • mulch preparation and spreading

  • lawn mowing and edging

  • investment property care

  • preparation for sale

  • chainsaw work

  • tree pruning and tree removal

  • hedge trimming - large and small

  • building raised garden beds

  • pressure washing hard surfaces

  • green waste removal

  • purchasing and delivery of supplies

Community Kitchen Garden
Pine Spruce Branches 5

Rates for maintenance and projects

Design Work                            $150ph  +GST
Senior Horticulturist                    $90ph    +GST
Head Gardener                        $80ph    +GST
Gardener                                 $65ph   +GST
Junior Gardener                         $50ph   +GST


Weekends & Public Holidays       $10ph surcharge per Gardener applies*

                                               *some exceptions

Minimum Charge per Gardener Session       – 2 hours
Minimum Charge per Lawnmowing Session  – 45 minutes


Gardening and Lawnmowing Sessions less than 3 hours will incur a 15-minute

Green Waste Removed                $60   +GST

The Team

Marty; Head Gardener and Managing Partner
BFG & Sun is an inclusive employer. I am passionate about social justice,
community, client service and providing people with opportunities to enjoy their
gardens and contribute to improving their mental health.
Whilst I was setting up the business here in Canberra, I worked with LEAD
Disability Services in their gardening crews. I continue to work with LEAD

Disability Services and other disability employment providers to give people an
opportunity to work and build their confidence.
Jennifer; Business Partner and Bookkeeper
Jennifer has a Phd in Medical Science and lives with a disability (Fibromyalgia &
Chronic Fatigue).
Helen; Senior Horticulturist, Designer and Garden Mentor
Helen has had a lifetime obsession with plants and gardens, exotics and natives
alike. Helen has qualifications in Horticulture and Permaculture backed up with a
professional background in Health Education, teaching and project management.
Helen offers garden mentoring - supporting you with advice and guidance on soils,
what to plant where, what to prune, how to help plants thrive, fresh ideas for
design and plant selection.
Helen is often praised for her ability to give clients the confidence to create a
garden that brings them fulfilment and enjoyment.
Helen usually starts with a 1.5 to 2 hour session and for some that is enough to set
you on your way. For others, we can go from there to project planning and/or
garden design if that's what you need.
Caitlin; Gardener
Caitlin is due to qualify as Horticulturist in November 2022. Caitlin is proficient at
trimming small to medium hedges, identifying pests and diseases in the garden,
rose pruning and many other aspects of general garden maintenance.
Caitlin has a creative flair in the garden, a scientific approach and a love for the
creatures that inhabit your garden. I am really looking forward to Caitlin’s skills
developing further as we work together.
Maisie; Gardener
Maisie worked for Cool Country Natives for 3 years before joining the team and
has a strong knowledge base in Australian Natives. Maisie is part way through
qualifying as a horticulturist.
Emmi; Gardener
Emmi came to the team with previous landscaping experience. Emmi is keen to
pursue a qualification in Horticulture with a particular interest Conservation.
Freda; Gardener
Freda grew up working in the garden, predominantly working with the team during
university holidays. Freda is knowledgeable and caring.

Brian; Gardener
Brian is keen to re-engage with the Horticulture Certification in the near future.
Brian continues as a volunteer with the Mt Ainslie Weeders.
Patrick; Gardener
Patrick is our lawnmowing and edging specialist. Patrick is polite and my wife
specifically asks to have Patrick do our lawn and edging work.
Declan; Junior Gardener
Declan was one of my clients during my time with LEAD Disability Services. I
was delighted when he applied for a job to work with our team.
John; Junior Gardener
John often works alongside Caitlin, Emmi or me. He is very detailed and always
happy to help.
Justin; Junior Gardener
Justin is polite and the newest member to the team. Justin has some
construction/landscaping experience prior to joining BFG & Sun.
Mitchell; Junior Gardener
Mitchell often works with me on Saturday.

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We engaged Marty to undertake a huge mulching job at our house. He was easy to contact, consulted with us on our needs and provided an honest and competitive estimate for the work. He sourced all materials making the job hassle free for us and completed the mammoth task in a day solo.
We would unhesitatingly recommend him for any garden job large or small. 

Matt, Holder


Big Friendly Gardener? More like Big Friendly Godsend! Marty and his crew have done an amazing job with our garden, which needed a lot of TLC. From our initial consultation to getting started, Marty has been easy and pleasant to deal with. Marty sends photo updates about what they have been up to in the garden, which is great when I am interstate. Marty has taken out dead trees, reshaped some out of control citrus bushes, made our front yard presentable again plus much more! I cannot recommend Marty and his crew enough, they are your garden’s future best pal.

Ari, Duffy


Great job. Great communicator. Great social conscience. Great bloke
Marty is a great guy. He communicates very well and turns up when he says he will. He always stays to finish the job to the point where I tell him to go home to his family.
He’s got a great social conscience and employs people with special abilities.
Get the job done right the first time and contact Marty for your garden needs.
Stephen, Weston


Having Marty look after our garden has been a real find for us. He is reliable, hardworking, and very considerate. He also follows our philosophy of using no chemicals in the garden, so you can be sure that your plants and pets are in safe hands.

Rob and Ruth, Chapman


I have an exceptionally large block, with a "proper garden" full of rare plants - a bit too much for one person to handle. With Marty's invaluable help and hard work, it has transformed from its former overgrown and unkempt status, and I am looking forward to the next stages in its development. Marty is thoroughly reliable, honest, knowledgeable, proactive, and personable, and is not reluctant to take on tasks which made other putative gardeners blench. I highly recommend Marty!
Charis, Lyons


What I really appreciate with BFG and Sun is the communication with the client. Great customer service, grass and edges are cut sharp and precise and the trimmings collected - every time.

Meg, Cook


Marty Moss is an absolute delight to work with. He is highly professional, extremely hard-working, environmentally-aware, good-natured and willing to discuss tasks and solutions to gardening issues. He installed a watering system that is easy to operate in our established garden, without damaging existing plants. His charges are very reasonable, and he is happy to follow up on work he has undertaken. I strongly recommend him to anyone wanting a quality job. 

Bob, Garran


BFG and Sun have helped me to take my garden from a stress to a sanctuary. The team do a great job taking care of the everyday maintenance jobs, and Marty's a huge help with bigger projects. My garden would be a sad dust bowl without them. 

Hannah, Farrer


Marty and the gardeners at BFG and Sun have always been friendly, professional and provide excellent advice. Their work have helped us keep our garden maintained and looking great

Robbie, Fisher

Marty is so great to work with. He arrives on time (every time), does a really neat job with our epic photonia hedge, and is organised and efficient. Highly recommend!

Matt, Waramanga 

I contacted BFG and Sun to assist with  my overgrown garden. I found Marty and his team to be courteous, reliable and knowledgeable.  They did a fabulous job trimming the hedge including providing advice on when to prune, so as to not to stress the plants and on their aftercare. 

Peta, Weston